Hi. I’m a writer and comedian from New York City, best known as one half of “dating coach” comedy duo Dave and Ethan.

WRITING: I write regularly for MTV NewsCosmopolitan, and Askmen.com. A Cicerone® Certified Beer Server, I also write frequently for Food + Wine. Previously, I wrote a weekly column for SeriousEats.com called “On the Beer Trail.

ADVICE: I am currently the Dating Advice editor for About.com. And, like a hairier Dr. Phil, I co-host a weekly guy’s advice show called Dude, Seriously? with my buddy Joel. Previously, I gave weekly dating advice in the “Ask A Guy” column at gURL.com, and wrote for MTV’s Guy Code blog.

EVERYTHING ELSE: I was previously the host of PBS’s Bongo BongoYou may have also seen me on The Tonight Show, VH1, Bravo, TruTV, Food Network, and Music Choice, or read my work in The Huffington PostNerveYourTango, Primer, Death + Taxes, and Draft Magazine.